Car Insurance Rates in Bonham Texas
Car Insurance Rates in Bonham Texas
Bonham Texas Car Insurance

Car insurance rates in Bonham, Texas, depend on many factors, such as the type of vehicle you drive. In Texas, the Toyota Prius is one of the most popular cars to insure, so it is likely that you will find lower car insurance rates if you drive one of these cars. However, some vehicles, such as sports cars, minivans, and trucks, can cost you a lot more money to insure.

Rates vary based on zip code

There are several factors that affect car insurance rates in Bonham Texas. Insurers are concerned about the crime rate and auto theft in a given area. If you live in an area where the car theft rate is high, you'll pay higher rates. Luckily, there are ways to lower your insurance rates and get the coverage you need.

The vehicle you drive also has a bearing on your car insurance rates in Bonham. For example, a Toyota Prius will have a lower rate than an older model. But trucks, sports cars, and minivans will cost you more money to insure.

The age of drivers is another factor that affects insurance rates. Those under the age of 25 pay higher rates than those over 65. Younger drivers are also more likely to make claims. While age is an important factor, insurance carriers consider many other factors when calculating premiums.

You can lower your premiums by maintaining a good credit score, avoiding traffic tickets, and not filing claims. Additionally, a high safety rating makes your car less expensive to insure. Although these factors affect your rates, you can always compare auto insurance quotes from several companies to get the best deal. Also, ask your agent if you qualify for discounts based on your zip code.


A single-car driver in Bonham pays an average of $1,718 per year for car insurance. This amount amounts to $143 per month. Bonham, Texas is one of the oldest cities in the state and has a population of approximately 10,000 people. The city has low crime rates and warm weather, making it a friendly place to live. Car insurance in Texas is required by law. There are several discounts available for drivers who meet certain requirements.

In Bonham, TX, the median age of residents is 41 years old. This number includes both native and foreign-born residents. This number is higher than the national average. The foreign-born population of Bonham is primarily from Mexico, with 2,484,512 citizens born in the country. Other foreign-born residents include those from India and El Salvador.

The median property value in Bonham, TX is $139,200. This number is slightly smaller than the national average of $229,800. In 2020, Bonham, TX has a higher homeownership rate than the national average. In addition, most residents drive alone to work. The average commute time is 32.1 minutes. The average household owns two cars.

Taking a defensive driving course will help you save money on car insurance. In addition to being helpful for drivers, this can also help you get a lower rate on your policy. Depending on your age, driving record and the severity of your most recent violation, you could save ten percent or more on your insurance policy.

Different zip codes have different rates. To find the best rate for your needs, it is best to compare quotes from several insurance companies. A Jerry app helps you do so in a matter of seconds. With this app, you can set your minimum requirements and get multiple quotes from multiple insurance providers.


While some insurers do not consider a person's gender when determining car insurance rates, others do. The DMV uses gender designations found on birth certificates to determine insurance rates. However, a person assigned male at birth can mark his or her application as "female" and thus qualify for a lower premium. In this case, an insurer will adjust the premium.

In most states, gender is a rating factor. Though men are more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors than women, this does not automatically translate to higher premiums. In most cases, the rates for men and women should be the same. However, in some states, gender does affect rates, so it is best to shop around for the best rate.

Location of home

When it comes to Bonham, TX auto insurance, State Farm is the way to go. They offer many car insurance benefits, including rental car coverage, rideshare coverage, and car insurance for collectors and new drivers. They're also one of the nation's largest auto insurance providers. In addition to offering car insurance in Bonham, TX, State Farm also offers savings on auto and home policies by bundling them. Contact an agent, such as Jake Shockley, to get started.

Car insurance rates in Bonham are higher than the average. If you're looking for affordable car insurance, consider finding a policy in a lower-risk zip code. By shopping around for the best rates, you'll free up some budget space for other expenses. Experts recommend getting multiple quotes from different companies, and shopping for new insurance rates every six months.

Discounts available

Car insurance is expensive in Bonham, Texas, but there are ways to get cheap coverage. The first step is to ask for quotes from at least three different insurance companies. After obtaining a few, compare them, and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Car insurance is not a one-time purchase; experts recommend shopping for new rates at least every six months.

Some companies also give discounts to those with multiple cars. Another way to save money on your insurance is to take a defensive driving course. These courses teach defensive driving techniques that can help you avoid accidents and stay accident-free. In some cases, you can get as much as 15% off your insurance bill by completing the course.

If you have two cars, you may be able to save money on your coverage by applying for liability-only coverage. The minimum liability coverage in Bonham, Texas is $30,000 for one person and $60,000 for two drivers per accident. Property damage coverage is $25,000 and requires SR-22 insurance. In Bonham, TX, drivers must have at least this minimum amount of coverage to be legally licensed. The average car insurance premium for a two-car household in Bonham is $4,849, but this will vary depending on whether you have full coverage or liability-only coverage.

The age of the driver is another factor in determining car insurance premiums. Young drivers are less experienced and more likely to file a claim, so they tend to pay higher rates. Those who are under the age of 25 are the safest drivers, but their age plays a part in determining their rates.