Juarez Texas Car Insurance
Juarez Texas Car Insurance

If you're a Juarez Texas resident, you'll want to know that you're covered under the state's auto insurance laws. Juarez has specific requirements for drivers, and it's important to get additional coverage when traveling into Mexico. There are three companies that specialize in insuring drivers in Juarez. These are MexPro, Sanborn's, and Progressive.


When traveling to Juarez Texas, you may have questions about the different types of car insurance available. Fortunately, you can easily find a policy from MexPro that fits your needs. These policies include liability coverage, roadside assistance, medical payments, and legal assistance. They also cover older cars.

In Mexico, the minimum liability insurance required is civil liability insurance. This type of insurance covers damages to other drivers and can save you from spending time in jail for car wrecks. American liability insurance will not work in Mexico. You must purchase Mexico car insurance from a licensed insurer. You can even customize your coverage levels and coverage limits.

This type of insurance includes emergency hospitalization coverage. This covers you and your passengers for any medical emergencies that arise while driving in Mexico. It may also cover ambulance services, licensed medical physician fees, and diagnostic lab services. However, you must check with your agent before signing the rental agreement. Moreover, it is wise to take photographs of any damages that may be present in the car. This way, your insurer will be able to prove if you were at fault for any damages.

When visiting Juarez, you should consider the type of coverage you need. Some policies only cover damage caused by a collision between your vehicle and another vehicle. Other policies may cover damages caused by theft, fire, or vandalism. You should also consider getting a comprehensive insurance plan to cover the cost of damages.


If you plan on driving in Mexico, you should buy a Mexican car insurance policy from Sanborn's Mexico Auto Insurance. The service will not only protect you financially, but also legally. It is essential to have Mexican auto insurance because your US or Canadian auto insurance policy will not be recognized if you are driving in Mexico.


Progressive Juarez Texas car insurance provides competitive rates and a wide range of coverage options. The company offers discounts for multiple policies and the convenience of managing policies through one company. Injuries and damage caused by car accidents are usually covered by liability insurance. This type of insurance is required by law in nearly every state.

Car insurance for Mexico is important to keep in mind when traveling to Mexico. Unlike auto insurance in the U.S., a driver's policy in Mexico is invalid if he is not properly insured. If you are in an accident in Mexico and are unable to provide proof of liability coverage, you could end up in jail. In addition to getting arrested and charged, you can be detained until your liability coverage is verified. It is recommended to take out a separate insurance policy with bail coverage, as well as liability coverage, for your Mexico trip.