Shady Hollow Texas Car Insurance
Shady Hollow Texas Car Insurance
Shady Hollow Texas Car Insurance

Before deciding on Shady Hollow Texas car insurance, consider some factors that will help you determine the cost of coverage. For example, how many large homes are in Shady Hollow? Are most residents married? What is the percentage of college educated adults in Shady Hollow? How walkable is the area?

Cost of living in Shady Hollow Texas

In comparison to other parts of the country, the cost of living in Shady Hollow Texas is higher than the national average. The median household income in Shady Hollow is $130,000, which is 110% higher than the state average. The median monthly individual income is $67,905, which is 102% higher than the national average. The cost of housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and food are all factors that contribute to the total amount that residents pay in a given month.

One way to estimate housing affordability in Shady Hollow is to calculate the ratio of income to house price. A typical U.S. home price is 3.4 times the median household income, with a range from one to ten times that amount in high-cost markets. In Shady Hollow, the median household income is $116,461, which equates to a housing budget of 3.1 times the median home value.

Taxes in Shady Hollow vary widely from city to city, but on average an adult working in the city pays $5,591 in taxes per year. This is not counting common taxes like property taxes and income taxes. In general, Texas has a low tax burden. State taxes for an individual are $2,102 per year, or $31 per month.

Shady Hollow, Texas is an established suburb south of downtown Austin. The area is primarily comprised of large, single-family homes. A majority of the homes are owner-occupied. In addition, the median home price is $337,000. The median rental cost is $1195/mo.

While the cost of living in Shady Hollow is low compared to other parts of Texas, childcare expenses can add thousands to annual spending. For a family with two children, this cost would total $11,652 annually.

Number of large homes

A number of large homes are available for sale in Shady Hollow, Texas. Homes here range from 1,500 square feet to nearly 4,000 square feet. These homes can sell for between $150,000 and $550,000. The variety of size and price makes Shady Hollow a desirable location for many home buyers.

Shady Hollow is an established neighborhood located in far south Austin. It has small-town charm and is an ideal place for families. The area is home to a smaller proportion of young adults than the state average, making it an ideal place for families with children. The median age is 36.4 years, and 82% of residents own their own homes. Renters in the area pay an average of $1,725 per month.

Shady Hollow is a diverse neighborhood, with residents identifying themselves as Mexican, Italian, and German. About 18.3% of residents are foreign-born. In addition to its schools, Shady Hollow is home to dozens of grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants.

Despite its size, Shady Hollow is home to some of the nation's wealthiest residents. The neighborhood is home to many stately homes and has high real estate appreciation rates. Many residents enjoy high-level careers and maintain their homes in good shape. ranked Shady Hollow as a top executive lifestyle neighborhood in Texas. Its low poverty level and high percentage of young professionals make it an attractive place for young families and urban sophisticates alike.

Shady Hollow's residents are more educated than the national average. More than one-third of the population has at least a bachelor's degree. Most residents work in a variety of industries. The five major industries in town account for 31% of the labor force. Management positions make up the most popular career path in the town.

Percentage of college educated adults in Shady Hollow Texas

The Shady Hollow neighborhood is home to a diverse population. Residents are predominantly white, with a minority of Hispanics and Asians. The area also has a high percentage of professionals and managers. More than 70% of the residents earn a living in one of these professions. This high concentration of professionals shapes the neighborhood's character.

The Shady Hollow neighborhood has a very low rate of poverty. In comparison to the national average of 14.1%, the local poverty rate is only 4.0%. The average income for residents of Shady Hollow is $41,059 per year, compared to the US average of $28,555.

The number of college-educated adults in the Shady Hollow neighborhood is higher than the national average. More than 73% of residents have at least a bachelor's degree. This rate is higher than the average American neighborhood (32.9%). The Shady Hollow neighborhood has a higher percentage of college-educated residents than the average U.S. neighborhood.

The data provided by the Texas Department of Education include a detailed frequency distribution of educational attainment. This data is broken down by degree level and also by college degree. The highest educational attainment level is attained by people with a Master's or PhD. Professional degrees are obtained through four-year universities and colleges.

Walkability in Shady Hollow Texas

When looking at a city's walkability, take into consideration the population density. A city with high density is typically more walkable than a neighborhood with low density. However, it is also important to consider the demographics of a neighborhood. For example, Shady Hollow has about 95% owner-occupied homes and an average household size of 2.7 people. The demographics of a neighborhood can also give an indication of its overall quality of life. Some people are more comfortable living in a walkable city, while others prefer the quiet of a suburb or a more rural setting.

The first phase of the Shady Hollow development was built in 1989 and featured homes that ranged in size from 1,500 to 3,500 square feet. Homes here are located on one-quarter to one-acre lots. For more information, visit the Shady Hollow Neighborhood Guide. The second phase of development, Barker Ranch at Shady Hollow, was built in the mid-2000s and features some of the area's most recent homes.

The Shady Hollow neighborhood is a great place to raise a family. It has an extremely high percentage of adults with a 4-year degree or higher. This rate is considerably higher than the average U.S. neighborhood. As a result, Shady Hollow is a great choice for a family with school-aged children or for urban sophisticates who want a quiet neighborhood.

Shady Hollow is a community of about 2,000 homes located near the southern boundary of Travis County, just west of Interstate 35. The community is close-knit and puts a strong emphasis on family. This enables residents to enjoy a high quality of life and great community-owned amenities. The community center and four parks are great for children and families, and two nature trails provide excellent recreational opportunities. The neighborhood also boasts several great schools, including Bowie High School, Bailey Middle School, and Baranoff Elementary. These three schools offer excellent academic programs, excellent faculty, and an abundance of extracurricular activities.

Distance from Austin to Shady Hollow

In Texas, liability insurance is mandatory for all drivers on the road. This coverage covers other drivers' injuries if you are at fault in an accident. The law requires a minimum "30/60/25" liability policy. The first number refers to the number of medical payments the policy will pay out in the event of an accident.

You may be wondering what types of coverage are available and how much they will cost. One way to save money on your car insurance is to compare companies offering this coverage. Many of them provide a number of different options and allow you to make a more informed decision. Some companies provide free quotes, which can help you determine which plan is the best fit for your needs.

Shady Hollow is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the United States. This means that its residents have a higher median income than most people in the country. Moreover, only 4.0% of its children live below the federal poverty line. That means that this neighborhood is a great place to live if you have a family.

The majority of adults in Shady Hollow are high-paying executives. They own large homes and have upper-level careers that keep them busy. This means that Shady Hollow is an ideal neighborhood for families with school-aged children. In fact, it has been ranked as the "best" neighborhood in Texas for executives.

Traffic is another factor that affects the cost of car insurance in Texas. In 2017, the average time to drive to and from work in Austin was 22.7 minutes, compared to the average of 25.5 minutes for workers across the U.S.